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5 mistakes to avoid in film photography

Many errors are common in film photography, especially for those who are just starting out. In order to avoid losing your work, I will cite some common mistakes:

1. Open the camera with the film loaded: If you open your camera without rewinding the film, you will burn and lose all your photos.
2. Forgetting to change the ISOs: When loading a new film, don't forget to change the ISOs on the camera otherwise you risk exposing your photos badly.
3. Load your camera incorrectly: If you load your camera incorrectly, you risk taking pictures in a vacuum and developing a film for nothing.
4. Vacuum shooter: If you don't use your device often, you might forget that it isn't charged. Use a tape for example to indicate that there is a film. (you can also look at the view counter if photos were taken).
5. Shooting film that is too outdated: Outdated film often offers nice results, but it's quite risky. If they have been stored incorrectly, the film may not produce any results.
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