Say goodbye to disposable cameras.

Find your adventure companion among our thoroughly tested and fully functional reusable film cameras.

  • Point and shoot

    Point and shoot film cameras are designed for ease of use: simply point at the subject and press the shutter button to take a photo.

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  • SLRs

    A film SLR is a sophisticated camera offering full manual control of settings and through-the-lens viewing for increased precision in photography.

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  • Telemetry

    Film rangefinders offer precise manual focusing thanks to an image coincidence aiming system, promoting superior framing and image quality.

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  • Canon AF514XL-S camera super 8

    The super 8s

    Super 8s are analog film cameras, prized for their ease of use and cinematic aesthetic, ideal for capturing video footage with retro charm.

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  • TLR (Twin-Lens Reflex)

    A TLR is a film camera with two identical lenses, one for shooting and the other for aiming. This provides a unique experience with a waist-high perspective.

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Nos clients parlent de nous


Are the devices tested?

All our devices are tested and ready to use.

Are batteries included with the devices?

Yes ! Fresh batteries are included with every device!

How do I put the film in my film camera?

I advise you to go to the Instagram account @hugo.grandin where you will find lots of videos to help you get started!

Where to find film?

You can easily find film on the Internet or in specialized stores.

Why should you trust us?

By trusting BromureFilm for your purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a film camera in perfect working order. Each camera is rigorously tested, cleaned and repaired for immediate use upon receipt.

Any questions?

Based on 7 reviews
Super !

Très ravie de l'avoir commandé. Appareil impeccable et en parfait état de marche.

Excellent appareil

J'ai commandé il y a presque 1 an cet appareil argentique Pentax, je n'ai absolument rien à redire dessus, il m'accompagne partout, vraiment génial, je le recommande. Je l'ai emmené dans plusieurs pays humides, froid, très chaud et il resiste à toute les température. Le seul point négatif est son épaisseur, il ne rentre pas dans tout mes sacs, cependant je fais toujours en sorte de m'adapter :)

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