The BromureFilm story

Our history

The story of BromureFilm begins in Normandy. In the home of a film photography enthusiast who has always loved to share his passion and knowledge with others.

In 2019, Hugo discovers silver by chance after buying an antique on a flea market. The camera intrigues him, the medium is new to him, he tries to restore it to work, without real success.

From there, a real passion begins, Hugo buys his first functional camera and starts to tinker with other ones on the side. He experiments with film, tests new things and creates art while keeping a close link to the object.

This is where the story of BromureFilm as you know it really begins.

Having noticed the growing number of people wanting to start film in 2020, Hugo decided to put his knowledge of film at the service of all and offer for sale a range of film of all kinds.

In 2 years, it is more than 200 cameras sold everywhere in the four corners of the earth. More than 200 cameras that he unearthed from the dust of the attics and that will live a long second life.

Recycling and second hand are eco-responsible steps. Buying a second hand camera instead of a new one reduces the amount of plastic in our oceans and the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

These practices are essential if you want your children and grandchildren to be able to see our beautiful planet differently than on your negatives.

Conscious of the ecological context, this is one of the reasons that pushed him to develop this project.

By ordering from BromureFilm, you are contributing to the history of this emerging project and you are participating in the development of a greener world.