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Black and white film Fomapan Classic 100 ISO / 36 exposures

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Black and white film Fomapan Classic 100 ISO / 36 exposures

Black and white film Fomapan Classic 100 ISO / 36 exposures

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Fomapan Classic 100 ISO film is a black and white film that offers great versatility and quality, ideal for photographers of all levels wanting to explore the rich spectrum of gray tones that only film photography can offer. Designed by Foma, a company renowned for its long-standing contributions to film photography, this film is distinguished by its fine grain, wide exposure latitude and ability to capture exceptional detail.

Main Features :

  • ISO 100 Sensitivity: Offering excellent sharpness and fine grain, this film is perfect for a variety of lighting conditions, particularly outdoors or in well-controlled light situations.
  • Moderate Contrast: The Fomapan Classic 100 is popular for its moderate contrast, allowing for great flexibility in post-processing and an excellent choice for those looking to adjust contrast through development.
  • Exposure Latitude: This film has a good exposure latitude, making it possible to capture well-balanced images even in changing or unpredictable light conditions.
  • Fine Grain: Its fine grain ensures detailed images and a soft texture, characteristics sought by photographers who love the classic black and white rendering.
  • Versatility: Whether for street, landscape, portrait or architectural photography, the Fomapan Classic 100 proves to be a versatile choice, capable of meeting various creative needs.

The Fomapan Classic 100 ISO is not only suitable for experienced photographers looking for high quality black and white film for their artistic or professional projects, but also for beginners who want to experiment and learn the basics of film photography thanks to its tolerance and ease of use.

By choosing Fomapan Classic 100, you are choosing a film capable of transcending time, delivering impressive results that capture the essence and depth of the subjects photographed. It’s an invitation to rediscover the magic of black and white photography, to express your artistic vision with nuance and to document the world with a timeless and captivating perspective 🌍✨.

Expiration date: 10/2026

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