Bring color into your life with the Konica POP


The Konica Pop is a colorful plastic point and shoot, without any pretension, but for the time being, it is quite surprising. If this camera had been released in the 2000s, it would not have shocked anyone.

Avant-garde on the design, but especially on the colors, Konica released in 1982 the Konica Pop in 8 different colors. From yellow to red, passing by green or pink, everyone finds his happiness.

This 35mm point and shoot is the perfect definition of simplicity. A cocking lever, a flash and a shutter release, that's all. Enough to please the novices or those who really don't want to take the headache.

More or less rare according to the stocks produced at the time, a small treasure hunt is currently organized among collectors to gather the 8 color variations.

The lens, a Hexanon 36mm f/4 fixed focus, is successful for this rather basic camera range. The shutter speed is fixed, so beware of too bright situations. The diaphragm which is regulated by a small cell has its limits (between f/4 and f/11). The advice we give you is to shoot film at ISO 100 and to use the flash as soon as the red light indicates it.

According to the famous McKeown's camera buying guide from the 90's, the order of rarity would be: Black, red, silver, blue, yellow, green, pink and khaki.

Being big fans of this camera at BromureFilm, expect to see it available on the store regularly in all its variations.

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