The story of an iconic brand: Yashica


Yashica is a Japanese camera brand founded in 1949. Initially, the brand produced simple and affordable cameras for the general public, but over the years it expanded its range to include more advanced cameras such as interchangeable lens cameras and digital SLRs.
In the 1960s and 1970s, Yashica was considered one of the most innovative photography brands, with models such as the Electro 35, a compact viewfinder camera that was very popular at the time.
Unfortunately, in the 1980s and 1990s, Yashica began to experience financial difficulties due to increasing competition from brands such as Canon and Nikon. In 2005, the brand was bought by Kyocera, a mobile phone manufacturer, which decided to focus on digital cameras.
Although Yashica no longer has the same presence in the photography market as before, its cameras are still appreciated today by analog photography enthusiasts and are considered collectibles.

The Yashica Mat 124G:


Among these highly appreciated cameras we can mention the Yashica Mat 124G. This analog TLR is highly appreciated today because it is a camera that is both reliable and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginner photographers and amateurs. In addition, it offers exceptional image quality due to its high-quality Yashinon lens and its sturdy metal body.
Furthermore, the Yashica Mat 124G is a manual focus camera, which means photographers have complete control over focus, shutter speed, and lens aperture. This allows photographers to have more creativity and flexibility in their work.
The Yashica Mat 124G is considered a collectible due to its distinctive appearance and its place in photography history. Analog photography enthusiasts often seek it out to add to their collection or for occasional use.
The Yashica Mat 124G is considered a classic in analog photography and is still appreciated for its quality and unique character. This camera is available at BromureFilm in a state of preservation very close to new.
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