35mm SLRs

Film SLR cameras are a popular category of analog cameras that allow experienced photographers to see directly what will be captured in the image. This is done by using a mirror to reflect the light from the lens back to the viewfinder, allowing the photographer to see exactly what is in the field of view.

These cameras are often used by professional photographers for their image quality, manual control over camera settings, as well as their ability to handle different types of film for more personalized results. They also provide a live view of the image, which is a huge advantage for photographers looking to capture images at a moment's notice.

Film SLR cameras are generally bulkier and heavier than other types of analog cameras, which can be a disadvantage for photographers who want more portability. However, for experienced photographers who want complete control over their images and are looking for superior image quality, a film SLR camera is an excellent choice.

In summary, a film SLR is an analog camera for experienced photographers who are looking to capture high quality images with full control over the camera settings. It is a popular choice for photographers looking to explore the creative capabilities of film photography.
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