Rangefinder cameras are SLR cameras that use a unique focusing system to allow photographers to take sharp, accurate pictures. This focusing system consists of aligning the two halves of an image in the viewfinder, which allows you to check the sharpness on the subject.

The operation of the rangefinder system is simple. A mirror reflects the light from the lens to a focusing reticle inside the viewfinder. The photographer can then see the image on the focusing reticle and adjust the focus by moving the lens until the two halves of the image are aligned. This system is considered more accurate than other focusing systems because of its ability to measure the distance between the lens and the subject, allowing for more precise focusing.

Rangefinder cameras are often used by professional and advanced photographers because of their ability to take sharp and accurate pictures. This type of camera is also popular for its image quality and the flexibility it offers photographers to compose their shots.

In summary, rangefinder cameras are characterized by a unique focusing system that allows you to take sharp and precise pictures. This type of camera is often used by experienced photographers because of the quality of its images and the flexibility it offers to compose shots.
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