Twin Lens Reflexes (TLRs) are a category of film cameras that are differentiated by their unique design and their use of 120 film. Unlike most traditional cameras, TLRs have two lenses, one for shooting and the other for viewing. This second lens, located above the first, allows the subject to be viewed through a chest-high view.

The vertical format of LRTs gives a distinctive look to these cameras, in addition to making them easier to hold when shooting. In addition, this configuration also allows for optimal positioning for aiming, providing a comfortable and accurate viewing experience.

LRTs are popular among photographers who appreciate their ease of use and their ability to produce high-quality images. They are particularly valued for their focus accuracy, depth of field control and ability to handle subject movement. TLRs are an ideal choice for photographers looking to capture sharp, detailed images with minimal effort.

In summary, Twin Lens Reflexes (TLRs) are an attractive category of film cameras for photographers looking for a simple, accurate and aesthetically pleasing way to capture their images.
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