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Canon 514XL-S

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Canon 514XL-S

Canon 514XL-S

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Canon 514XL-S super 8 camera

History and Presentation of the Canon 514 XL-S :

The Canon 514 XL-S is a masterpiece of the Super 8 era, combining video and sound in a compact, easy-to-use body. Canon jumped into the world of sound Super 8 cameras in September 1976, when sound was the exciting new trend. The design of the Canon 514 XL-S was guided by the desire for compactness, a feature that sets it apart from its bulkier competitors. To achieve this feat, the sound recording mechanism was cleverly integrated into an outgrowth at the base of the camera body.

This innovation made it possible to reduce the size of the device while maintaining high-quality sound performance. At the time, this camera opened up new possibilities for amateur filmmakers and marked a turning point in the video industry. The Canon 514 XL-S paved the way for making high-quality Super 8 films with a synchronized sound track. Its story is one of innovation and transformation of the art of videography. 🎥🔊

Technical Characteristics of the Canon 514 XL-S :

  • 📷 Type : Super 8 Sound and Mute Camera with Super 8 cartridge
  • 🌐 Lens : 5× zoom (9 - 45mm) f/1.4, 13 elements in 11 groups
  • 🔍 Focus : Manual (from 1.2 m to infinity)
  • 📸 Macro Shooting : Possibility in wide-angle position and tele position
  • 👁️ Viewfinder : Virtual image-type single-lens reflex viewfinder with diopter adjustment and shooting information
  • 💡 Exposure Control : TTL Servo EE with CdS cell measurement
  • 🎞️ Film Speed : Auto ISO Setting
  • 🎬 Zooming : Motorized zoom (approximately 8 seconds at 18 frames/second) and manual zoom
  • 🎙️ Sound Recording System : Magnetic recording on Super 8 Sound cartridge (continuous drive by capstan)
  • 🔋 Power supply : Six AA batteries for drive, electric zoom, exposure metering and sound recording
  • 📏 Dimensions : 64 × 136 × 210 mm
  • ⚖️ Weight : 1390 g (camera only), 1.495 g (with batteries)

The Canon 514 XL-S is a piece of history in the world of videography. She helped popularize the Super 8 format by allowing synchronized sound recording with high-quality images. This compact camera opened up new possibilities for amateur filmmakers and played an important role in the evolution of the art of videography. With its clever design and cutting-edge performance, the Canon 514 XL-S is a treasure trove for nostalgic movie lovers. 🎞🎶

🛡 Each device/camera is thoroughly tested to ensure proper functioning.
📬 Your Canon 514 XL-S will be carefully packaged for worry-free delivery.
🚀 Shipping available internationally, so you can complete your film projects wherever you are.

Please note that due to its vintage nature, the camera may show signs of minor wear, contributing to its unique charm. 📜📦

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