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Canon Canonet 28

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Canon Canonet 28

Canon Canonet 28

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35mm film camera Canon Canonet 28

Camera History and Overview: The Canonet 28, also known as the "New Canonet 28," is an icon in the world of film photography. Released in 1971, it represents a simplified approach to 35mm photography. Designed as a more accessible alternative to the high-end Canonet QL models, the Canonet 28 is loved for its user-friendliness and elegance. Its name "28" comes from the maximum aperture of its lens, which is f/2.8.

Unlike its Canonet QL counterparts, the Canonet 28 operates in semi-automatic mode, with the shutter speed locked at 1/30s, allowing you to concentrate on setting the aperture. This simplicity helped reduce manufacturing costs, making the device more affordable.

Technical characteristics:
📷 Type: 35mm Compact Camera
🔍 Lens: 40mm f/2.8
📸 Speeds: 1/30s to 1/500s, Pose B
🎞️ Sensitivity: 25 to 400 ASA
🔋 Power supply: V625U battery (included)
📶 Aiming: Rangefinder with parallax correction
📷 Focus: Manual

The Canonet 28 offers a simplified film photography experience. It is ideal for beginners, allowing them to become familiar with manual focusing and aperture adjustment. The rangefinder viewfinder with parallax correction provides precise aiming, ensuring your images will be well framed.

The device's lightweight construction makes it ideal for outdoor adventures. Its silent shutter is perfect for capturing moments without disturbing your subject.

This model is a Canon Canonet 28, a camera that helped simplify film photography. It combines elegance and simplicity, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to capture precious memories in a classic way.

🛡 Each device is thoroughly tested to ensure proper operation.

📬 Your Canonet 28 will be carefully packaged for worry-free delivery.

🚀 Shipping available internationally so you can capture memories wherever you are.

Note: Due to its vintage nature, the camera may show signs of minor wear, contributing to its unique charm. 📜

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I suggest you check out the instagram account @hugo.grandin where you'll find lots of videos to help you get started!

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