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Hanimex 35 HF Motor

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Hanimex 35 HF Motor

Hanimex 35 HF Motor

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The Hanimex 35HF MOTOR is an extremely basic, compact camera designed for using 35mm film. Made in China for Hanimex and often described as having "free focus" for its fixed focal length lens, this camera incorporates a flash, a motor for film advancement, but requires manual loading and rewinding of the film. Although official specifications are not available, tests have shown that its lens produces fairly soft images, especially for subjects more than a few meters away, and that its relatively slow shutter (less than 1/100s) can cause motion blur if the subject moves 📷.

Brief History: Made in Hong Kong in the 1990s, the Hanimex 35HF MOTOR represents simplicity in the film camera range, aimed primarily at beginners or those looking for a hassle-free photography experience. Its ease of use and point-and-shoot approach make it perfect for capturing spontaneous moments.

Technical specifications: 🛠️

  • Film Type: Uses 35mm film, the classic format for maximum accessibility and a wide variety of film choices.
  • Lens: Fixed, 35mm with a small aperture, offering "free focus" which simplifies shooting without complex adjustments.
  • Flash: Built-in and automatic, allowing bright shots even in low light conditions.
  • Power: Requires two AA batteries to power both the flash and the film advance motor.
  • Film Advancement: Motorized, for increased comfort and ease of use, although rewinding must be done manually using a crank.
  • Material: Plastic construction, making the device lightweight and easy to handle.

The Hanimex 35HF MOTOR is ideal for those just starting out in the world of film photography or for those looking for a simple camera for occasional shots. Its compact design and easy handling make it a perfect choice for travel, parties and family gatherings.

Investing in a Hanimex 35HF MOTOR means embracing simplicity and ease of use. This camera, with its undeniable charm and its ability to capture moments without worrying about technical settings, is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of film photography.

With the Hanimex 35HF MOTOR, let yourself be seduced by the joy of capturing life as it presents itself, equipped with a reliable and uncomplicated tool. It's the ideal camera for those who want to immortalize their memories without getting lost in technical complexity 🌍✨.

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