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Hanimex 35 HL

Hanimex 35 HL

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The Hanimex 35HL is a film camera designed for 35mm film, embodying the essence of simple, straightforward photography. With its fixed focus and lack of exposure settings, the 35HL offers a worry-free approach to photography, ideal for those who want to capture moments without worrying about technical settings. Featuring a built-in flash and manual film advance and rewind, this camera is the perfect choice for budding photographers or everyday use 📷.

Brief History: Produced in China and dating from around 1989, the Hanimex 35HL was promoted as being "perfect for children", according to an advertisement from the time. This simplicity, combined with its reliability, made it a popular basic camera in the 1980s, also marketed under the Vivitar brand. Available in black and blue, the 35HL stands out not only for its functionality but also for its attractive aesthetic.

Technical specifications: 🛠️

  • Film Type: Uses 35mm film, providing flexibility and accessibility for users.
  • Focus: Fixed, eliminating the need for manual adjustments for focus.
  • Exposure Settings: None, simplifying the photographic experience to the essentials.
  • Flash: Built-in, requiring 2 AA batteries to operate, but the device can also be used without a flash if desired.
  • Film Advance: Manual, offering a classic feel and full control over film loading and rewinding.
  • Colors Available: Black and blue, allowing personal choice based on aesthetic preferences.
  • Manufacturing: Made in China, ensuring an affordable camera without compromising quality.
  • Year: Circa 1989, reflecting a time when simplicity was key in camera design.

The Hanimex 35HL is perfect for those just starting out in film photography or as a secondary camera for those times when simplicity matters most. Its no-frills design and easy-to-understand operation make it accessible to everyone, regardless of age or photography experience.

Investing in a Hanimex 35HL means choosing a piece of photography history, a device that recalls a bygone era while remaining perfectly functional in the modern world. Each device is carefully inspected to ensure reliable quality and performance, with a promise to capture your memories with charm and character.

Embrace the authenticity of film photography with the Hanimex 35HL and experience the joy of photography the pure and simple way. This device is an invitation to explore the world through a different perspective, where beauty lies in the moment captured 🌍✨.

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