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Minolta Dynax 7si

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Minolta Dynax 7si

Minolta Dynax 7si

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Minolta Dynax 7si 35mm reflex film camera

History and Presentation:

The Minolta Dynax 7xi is a true gem of photographic engineering that saw the light of day in 1991. Designed as the improved version of the Minolta 7000i, it sports a more rounded and spacious design, offering a comfortable grip. Discover this exceptional device.

Technical characteristics :

  • 📷 Sleek Design: Compared to its predecessor, the 7000i, the Dynax 7xi features a rounder, taller and wider design, providing superior ergonomics. The adjustment buttons, including those for speeds and apertures, are conveniently placed for quick and intuitive access. Between these dials is an LCD screen that displays crucial information.

  • 🎯 Innovative Viewfinder: The 7xi's viewfinder is extraordinary. It uses transparent liquid crystals to overlay information directly onto the image, allowing you to control various settings without taking your eye off the viewfinder.

  • 🎯 Improved Autofocus: The Dynax 7xi has 600 CCD sensors divided into four groups for faster and more precise focusing. The extended coverage allows for faster calculations, thereby improving the responsiveness of the device.

  • 💼 Personalized Exposure Cards: Six new exposure cards are introduced, allowing you to personalize your photographic experience. Among them, the Travel card offers complete control of exposure and focus settings, the children's photo card automatically focuses on moving subjects, and the intervalometer card offers interval shots adjustable from seconds to 24 hours.

Hanimex 28-70mm 3.5-4.5 Lens

The Minolta Dynax 7xi is often equipped with a Hanimex 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, providing exceptional versatility for various shooting situations.

The Minolta Dynax 7xi is a technological gem of photography, offering unparalleled creative control thanks to its innovative features. Its ergonomic design, informative viewfinder and fast Xi zoom lenses make it an exceptional choice for passionate photographers.

🛡 Each device is thoroughly tested to ensure proper operation.
📬 Your Minolta Dynax 7xi will be carefully packaged for worry-free delivery.
🚀 Shipping is available internationally, allowing you to capture moments anywhere in the world.


Please note that due to its vintage nature, the camera may show signs of minor wear, contributing to its unique charm. 📜

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All our devices are tested and ready to use

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Yes ! Fresh batteries are included with every device!

How do I put the film in my film camera?

I suggest you check out the instagram account @hugo.grandin where you'll find lots of videos to help you get started!

Where to find dandruff?

You can easily find silver film on the Internet or in specialized stores.

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