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Minolta riva zoom 70ex

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Minolta riva zoom 70ex

Minolta riva zoom 70ex

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Minolta riva zoom 70ex film camera

History and Overview of the Camera : The Minolta Riva Zoom 70EX is the ideal photographic companion of the 90s era. Released in 1995, it joined the Riva Zoom 105 EX and the Riva AF 35 EX in the Minolta range. Designed in Malaysia, this compact 35mm camera combines impressive versatility and exceptional build quality.

Featuring a 35-70mm zoom with four high-quality lenses, the Riva Zoom 70EX gives you a wide range of photographic possibilities. It features autofocus for intuitive use, and you can even select infinity with the press of a button. A slider on the front lets you switch to macro mode, reducing the minimum focusing distance to 48cm.

Technical characteristics :

  • 🔍 Versatile Zoom: The 35-70mm quad-lens zoom delivers exceptional results, whatever your subject.
  • 🌼 Automatic Macro and Landscape: The Riva Zoom 70EX automatically manages settings for close-up or landscape shots, ensuring sharp, well-exposed photos.
  • 💡 Lighting Modes: The built-in flash offers a range of modes, including forced, off, night, auto and red-eye reduction, to suit all lighting conditions.
  • 🎥 135 DX Film: This model accepts 135 DX films in 24x36 for great convenience. It is powered by a CR 123 A battery.
  • 🚀 Practical Features: The Riva Zoom 70EX is equipped with a motor for film drive and automatic cocking, as well as a self-timer, tripod nut and shutter.

The Minolta Riva Zoom 70EX embodies the excellence of compact cameras from the 90s. Its combination of optical performance and practical features makes it a perfect choice for all photographers, from beginners to the most experienced. Its sturdy construction ensures that you capture memorable memories for years to come.

🛡 Each device is carefully tested, cleaned and in perfect working order.

📬 We package your device carefully so that it reaches you in excellent condition.

🚀 We offer international shipping so you can enjoy this device wherever you are.

Note : Due to its vintage nature, please note that the camera may show signs of minor wear, which adds to its unique charm.

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