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Pentax PC-303

Pentax PC-303

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The Pentax PC-303 is a compact, lightweight, fully automatic camera, perfectly suited to those looking to capture life with ease and spontaneity. Manufactured in Japan by Asahi Optical Co., this model belongs to Pentax's "PC" series, renowned for its accessibility and reliability, while offering the quality and innovation characteristic of the brand. Introduced at the 1989 PMA under the name Mini Sport AF II, the PC-303 was designed to combine performance and simplicity 📷.

Brief History: Pentax's PC series aimed to offer quality cameras at an affordable price, and the PC-303, with its introduction in 1989, exemplified Pentax's commitment to making photography accessible to everyone. Despite its entry-level positioning, the PC-303 doesn't skimp on features, providing a rewarding point-and-shoot photography experience.

Technical specifications: 🛠️

  • Aperture: Three aperture settings available: f/4.5 for flash, f/8, and f/16, suitable for ISO 100/200 and 400 films respectively.
  • Shutter: Blade shutter with a fixed speed of 1/125s.
  • Lens: Pentax 35mm f/4.5 composed of 3 elements, offering sharp and precise images.
  • Focus: Infrared autofocus, with a focusing range from 1.2m to infinity.
  • Film Sensitivities: ISO 100/200 or 400, selectable via a switch located on the bottom of the camera.
  • Power: Operates on 2 AA batteries, ensuring ease of use and global availability of refills.
  • Weight: Lightweight, at just 185g without batteries, making it easy to carry and use every day.
  • Additional Features: A sliding cover for the lens that also serves as an on/off switch.

The Pentax PC-303 is the ideal device for photography enthusiasts looking for a simple, reliable and efficient model. Its compact design and lightweight plastic construction make it perfect for taking anywhere, while its automatic features allow you to fully concentrate on the moment at hand.

Investing in a Pentax PC-303 means choosing a travel companion ready to immortalize every adventure with ease and style. Tested for quality and reliability, this device is ready to be part of your most precious moments, ensuring satisfaction and lasting memories.

With the Pentax PC-303, immerse yourself in the world of film photography and give free rein to your creativity. Its intuitive use and proven performance make it a choice option for those who want to capture the beauty of everyday life without complications 🌍✨.

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