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Ricoh XR-S

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Ricoh XR-S

Ricoh XR-S

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Ricoh XR-S 35mm reflex film camera

History and Presentation of the Device 📷

The Ricoh XR-S is a true pioneer in photography, being the world's first single-lens reflex (SLR) camera to be powered by solar energy. This device embodies the pinnacle of Ricoh technology. It delivers exceptional performance without the need to replace the storage battery for an impressive 5 years. This technological feat marked a turning point in the history of photography.

Technical Characteristics 🛠️

  • Lens Compatibility : This model is compatible with K-mount lenses, offering a variety of options to meet the needs of photographers.

  • Accuracy : The XR-S is known for its precision in light metering, ensuring optimal exposures in different conditions.

  • Precise Exposure Control : Featuring a series of quartz-controlled shutter speeds ranging from 1/1000 to 16 seconds, the XR-S gives you absolute exposure control. Add to that the aperture-priority automatic exposure (AE) mode, and you have a cutting-edge tool for photographic creativity.

  • Viewfinder with Multi-Informational LCD Display : The camera is equipped with a viewfinder offering a sophisticated liquid crystal display (LCD). This LCD screen provides a wealth of essential information, allowing photographers to achieve the perfect composition.

The Ricoh XR-S is an example of how technology can be integrated into photography to improve camera performance. Solar cells add a unique dimension to this device, making it reliable and durable. Despite its age, it retains a special place for collectors and photography enthusiasts.

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Note : As a vintage unit, please note that signs of minor wear may be present, contributing to its unique charm.

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Are the devices tested?

All our devices are tested and ready to use

Are batteries included with the devices?

Yes ! Fresh batteries are included with every device!

How do I put the film in my film camera?

I suggest you check out the instagram account @hugo.grandin where you'll find lots of videos to help you get started!

Where to find dandruff?

You can easily find silver film on the Internet or in specialized stores.

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By trusting BromureFilm for your purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a film camera in perfect working order. Each camera is rigorously tested, cleaned and repaired for immediate use upon receipt.